Beta-alanine and Sleep-What you Should Know

If you’re an avid athlete, I believe you might have heard about beta-alanine supplements. These are handy supplements for athletes wishing to enhance their energy levels, endurance and performance. Why is this necessary? You may take the best diet, but it may not be enough to help achieve the desired athletic performance levels. Therefore, you may want to boost your carnosine levels with beta-alanine supplementation. 

Understanding Beta-alanine supplements

Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid that helps enhance athletic and workout performance. It also offers many benefits to non-athletes, including improving brain, bone, and muscle functions. However, beta-alanine comes in varying doses, and you should know what suits your needs. If unsure of the right dosage, discuss this with your doctor to avoid overdosage and side effects. 

Common side effects include;

  • Tingles, particularly after taking high doses of over 800mg

Dose timings: What is the best time to take beta-alanine?

 Most studies show that taking 3-6g of the beta-alanine supplement during the day can improve your muscle carnosine levels and boosts your performance. However, timing is not critical, although the beta-alanine supplement offers more benefits if taken about 20 minutes before a workout. 

Taking a dose of beta-alanine will supply your body and blood with beta-alanine. This will boost your muscle carnosine levels to offer long-term performance benefits. 

Is it advisable to take beta-alanine supplements before bed?

 It’s a good practice to take your beta-alanine supplement during the day. Its stimulant properties may disrupt your sleep when you take the supplement at bedtime. Therefore, spread the doses throughout the day before working out. This way, you will enjoy long-lasting benefits and improved performance. 

How long should I wait for beta-alanine to be effective?

Beta-alanine supplements act almost immediately, and you will experience high carnosine levels once you take the supplement. You will also experience energy and power changes within your body after four weeks. The supplements enhance endurance and minimize fatigue, which can help boost your carnosine levels about 12 weeks. However, it will take your carnosine levels to peak.

Which is the best way to enhance my beta-alanine effect?

Take the supplements minutes before workouts and athletic activities to get the most out of beta-alanine. If taken 30-45 minutes before a performance, you allow the supplement to saturate your blood system and enjoy potent effects. Depending on activity level, the effects will continue for 1-2 hours.

Beta-alanine is believed to help deal with anxiety and PTSD. It improves serotonin and carnosine levels in the brain. According to studies, beta-alanine reduced anxiety in rodents and boosted the anti-anxiety molecule brain-derived neurotrophic factor. Beta-alanine may then help improve sleep and relaxation due to its ability to deal with anxiety.

Final thoughts

 Beta-alanine is a popular supplement among athletes and can significantly improve your performance. Studies show that beta-alanine supplementation can raise your carnosine levels and heighten your workout and athletic performance. The supplement also enhances muscle endurance and supports heart, bone and brain health. Only buy your beta-alanine supplements from reputed dealers and understand the dosage before use.

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