Which Food Must You Avoid For Healthy Teeth

Tooth decay and other periodontal diseases can still catch up with you regardless of your age. It means you should be more careful what you eat if you want to ensure oral health and strong teeth. You develop tooth decay when you have bacteria in your teeth and plaque that builds up and discolors the enamel.

You also develop caries or cavities when the bacteria in your teeth convert the sugar into acid which erodes and dissolves the tooth enamel. When you have dental issues you can seek medical assistance from Smiles on Queen with their certified cosmetic dentist Caledon.

Here is a list of some common foods you should always avoid if you want to take care of your teeth.

1.  Candies and sugary sweets

Sugary sweets and candies are the worst food for you and your kids. If you must eat sweets then go for those ones that dissolve in your mouth fast.

Most candies will stay in your mouth for long before they dissolve, and this makes it difficult for the saliva to wash away the sugar. Desserts and other food like cookies, cakes, and pies can also cause tooth decay. 

If you cannot desist from eating candies, then you should take them after main meals and ensure you brush your teeth. Don’t forget to visit a cosmetic dentist when you start developing mild cavities.

2. Carbonated soft drinks

Acid and sugar are not good for your teeth, which most soft drinks contain. When you take soft drinks, it can lead to dental erosion and increased cavities. If you want to keep your teeth healthier, you should avoid soft drinks and sodas by all means.

If you want to drink something cold, go for unsweetened tea and cold water.  Avoid brushing your teeth just after drinking soft drinks. Your teeth are more vulnerable to abrasion when acidic.

3. Sweetbread

Bread is another type of food you should think twice when you add to your diet. The saliva breaks it down to sugar and starch as you chew bread. It is transformed into a gummy paste, which can easily stick between your teeth and cause caries. If you must eat bread, go for those with less added sugars like whole-wheat bread.

4.  Ice cream

Ice cream is another enemy to your teeth. If you have sensitive teeth, taking ice cream should be the least of your worries.

You should also avoid chewing hard ice because it can result in chipped and cracked teeth. Avoid taking anything hard because it is not good for your teeth. Instead of taking the ice, you can opt for some chilled water.

5. Potato chips

Most of us prefer taking potato chips when watching TV or chilling out with friends. The crunch on a potato chip may be more satisfying, but this is not good for your health. Potato chips are loaded with a lot of starch, which can easily trap between your teeth. The bacteria in your teeth will feed on this and result in tooth decay or cavities.


If you want to ensure you keep your teeth healthy and strong, then avoid foods like sweets, candies, sweet bread, dried fruits, ice, and carbonated drinks.  You should also see a dentist once in a while if you want more tips and guidance on keeping your teeth healthy.

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