How to Answer Healthcare Interview Questions Properly

In modern U.S. healthcare, there is a case to be made that interviews have become easier, and another to be made that they have become much more challenging. Why is this apparent paradox currently the case? The reason is the state of the jobs market, which is currently undergoing a talent shortage. Online healthcare jobs recruitment service Health Jobs Nationwide give numerous effects of this situation on the healthcare jobs market – and the fate of interviewees. 

The first problem that this situation causes is that it creates a plethora of healthcare institutions that are scrambling for the top talent – talent which is in short supply. This means that there is particularly strong temptation to relax standards and to make it easier for recruits (which these institutions desperately need) to pass the interview. This is a phenomenon that should be viewed with suspicion. Relaxed standards can lead to job dissatisfaction in institutions staffed by the underqualified, and this leads in turn to a high turnover of staff, destroying the chances of healthcare teams to really gel and thereby provide optimal care. 

So, we can conclude that a quite easy interview is something a candidate should avoid. Interviews should be penetrating and even difficult. This is ultimately good for you and the employer because, to use the cliché, it simply ensures that you are right for the role. 

Interview Questions 

The thing that makes an interview hard or easy is, of course, the types of questions which are asked by the employer, and so every potential recruit should ideally prepare for the toughest interview questions. If there are none of these, then that is certainly something of a red flag. 

Nevertheless, it is also wise to avoid another potential problem with modern healthcare interviews. You should be aware of the types of questions which are unprofessional, or even illegal. If you notice being asked any of these – “Where were you born?”, “Do You have kids?”, “When are you planning to retire?” – then it is another red flag. These are not difficult questions to prepare for; they are questions that the employer should not be asking. 

The Toughest Interview Questions

Interview preparation involves a lot more than can be outlined here, and so you should definitely research the role you are going for and anticipate the questions that will be asked. Nonetheless, we can give a few of the tough ones here. Covering these bases is always a good idea. 

As you might notice, many of these questions are best answered tactfully – and sometimes not strictly truthfully. 

“Why are you looking for a new job?”

In answering this, you should avoid being too critical of the old place and focus instead upon your excitement and enthusiasm for pastures new. You will not be insulting the institution by talking down another one, but it is best to keep this to a minimum. 

“What’s your biggest weakness?”

This is a hard one, and you might think answering truthfully will ruin your chances. However, you should avoid saying you “can’t think of one” and certainly that you do not have one. The best trick here is to describe a time you overcame a genuine weakness of yours. 

“What salary are you looking for?”

This one can be very tricky. And the only solution is to come forearmed with the knowledge of what is reasonable – at that institution and for that role. Armed with this information, you can be firm on your salary demands – and get respected for that. 

The current jobseekers’ market may occasionally make interviews easier for you but there is no excuse for letting standards slip.

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