How is a gastric balloon beneficial for you?

A gastric balloon is also known as Orbera. It is placed inside the stomach via an endoscope process. Tubes with a camera are inserted through the mouth down to the stomach, with the balloon accumulated on the tubes. Read further to learn the benefits of gastric balloon surgery.

What are the advantages of gastric balloon?

Deciding on a gastric balloon in Huntington Station for reducing weight provides numerous benefits. Below are some reasons why you may prefer this process for your weight loss expedition: 

  1. It is suitable for severe obesity

If you have a body mass index of more than 60 or cannot undertake invasive surgery because of health issues, a gastric balloon can aid. You might utilize it to reduce some initial weight to qualify for sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass. Gastric balloon might also aid you in lightening certain obesity-associated health issues like heart disorder, diabetes, and high BP that could make potential gastric bypass procedure safer and easier for the best surgeon to execute. Consult a medical practitioner to know how to choose the right weight loss solution.

  • It has fewer side effects

Placing a gastric balloon has fewer complications, and side effects are uncommon. You might feel some discomfort and nausea for a couple of days after the balloon is in position, but this generally resolves on its own. However, a gastric balloon is not ideal for everybody. Visit the top-rated hospitals that provide the most effective gastric balloon in Huntington Station.

  • It is a simple process

A gastric balloon process is less invasive than other major procedures, like gastric bypass surgery. It needs sedation or anaesthesia, but it does not involve blood loss. Consequently, you can return home the same day and revive quicker than you may not from gastric bypass. Gastric balloons are less expensive as compared to a sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass. For a gastric balloon surgery, a patient may spend somewhere between $7500 and $8500.

  • It is non-permanent and can be taken out

A gastric balloon is non-permanent and can be taken out if the patient feels uncomfortable or has a problem with regular body functions. This has many benefits over the processes that involve procedures such as gastric bypass. Contrasting the bariatric surgery, where the incision marks are lasting, the gastric balloon is positioned in the stomach for only a period, and then it is taken out.

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