How excessive weight impacts fertility?

As we all know that obesity is responsible for the rise of loads of chronic diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, heart ailments, and so on, but excessive weight also impacts female fertility. If you are suffering from the same condition for a long time, it’s time to decide on a weight loss surgery in Las Vegas.

Can being overweight cause infertility? There are around two-thirds of women in the United States that are suffering from the condition of obesity. Millions of adults die every year due to the health ailments linked with excessive weight. The common obesity-related problems are heart disorders, diabetes, and high cholesterol. Obesity and ovulation can even result in hormonal changes that are likely to affect a woman’s ability to conceive. However, explaining the mechanism of how obesity affects fertility is pretty tough as it is very complicated.

What does being overweight have to do with infertility in women?

There can be the possibility of excess fat in the abdomen region because of more weight. It can affect the level of insulin in the body. Insulin is a type of hormone produced by the pancreas that aids in maintaining the blood sugar level.

It is not always the case that a woman does not ovulate due to excess weight, but the eggs they produce lose their quality. It all depends upon the Body Mass Index. There is only a 26% chance that a woman with a BMI of 35 will get pregnant within one year. For the women having a BMI, the chance of getting pregnant in a year is 43 %. The right Weight loss surgery in Las Vegas is a great option to prefer if women are suffering from severe obesity.  

Overweight can impact male fertility too

Overweight is linked with lower fertility in men as well. There are many things accountable for this condition, including sexual dysfunction, hormonal problems, or any other health condition like sleep apnea, and diabetes. Both these conditions are related to erectile issues and fall in testosterone level. Obesity can even lower the quality of sperm in male.

The good side of the weight-loss surgeries

For many people around the world, reducing body weight might be next to impossible. With the arrival of the new and innovative weight loss therapies, obese women can enhance their fertility and increase the possibility of conceiving. Doing regular exercises, and eating the correct food items can help the women sustain good health for an extended period.

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