Early warning signs of Alzheimer’s condition

People suffering from Alzheimer’s has to deal with a lot of problems every day. In the starting stages of this disease, the patient starts forgetting how the daily activities are performed, struggles in planning the events, faces issues with pronouncing the words, etc.

The old people also face issues like anxiety, depression, and agitation. They also suffer problems from shaky hands where they start rubbing or pulling the bedsheets or clothes. In short, it gets difficult for them to stop the hand motion.

Caregivers provide the best care to the patients

With time, it gets difficult for the person to cope up. Also, many times their family members do not give them sufficient time and affection that the person requires to fight with such a disease. In all such cases, they either send their loved ones fighting with Alzheimer’s to the care centers. But, the patients start to miss their homes and this makes the matter even worse.

What they must do to make the patient comfortable is to provide them with the in-home care where they get a caregiver for them to make sure that the patient is treated at the comfort of their home. It not only relaxes the patients but they also have someone with them at maximum part of their time.

But, there is less awareness about this condition among the masses. So, it is important to discover the early signs of the disease in a patient. These small clues help the family members to know about this condition and start with the treatment earlier for better results. Check out the list to know about how the early signs of Alzheimer’s look like.

Memory loss

One of the early signs of this disease is memory loss. So, if your family member or friend shows such a sign, you know your next step is to advise him to see the doctor. Check out the pointers here!

  • Is it difficult to remember the important date and times or events?
  • Does he have to set the reminder for the same to remind them of the events?
  • Does he repeat the questions about the things over and over again?
  • Does he end up forgetting about the location that he had to reach to?

It also involves forgetting the names of the family members and acquaintances, the places where he put the keys, and other types of situations. The point is Alzheimer’s starts to deteriorate the cells of the brain which helps you to remember things.

Problems in making logical decisions

The most basic problem that Alzheimer’s patients face is they have difficulty in focusing on a subject. And when it comes to numbers, it gets really difficult for them. He is surely going to find it difficult to pay bills or manage the checkbooks.  He may fail to recognize the number and get confused in taking the decision. If he performs multiple jobs at the same time, he will struggle to take things in a positive direction.

Making choices is surely an issue

Making judgments in daily life will be an issue. For instance, he may forget about the weather condition and pick up the clothes that are not appropriate for that kind of weather.  So, that person is not a responsible one when it comes to taking small to big decisions in his life.

So, now you know what are the challenges that such patients suffer from. So, if a person from your family is suffering from such issues then take him to the doctor. Also, if you know someone who is already suffering from Alzheimer’s, take good care of him or her.

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